Monthly Archives: June 2015

part one

after so long, I finally had the time to sit down and type out what’s in my head. This year has been like a roller coaster to me. Both physically and mentally for me. lot of great things has happened these past few months but lots of complicated issues. Friends, family, school and all those things. it really makes me wonder whether i can cope with all of this at once.

Let me start off with school. School has been a pain in the ass this semester.  Some of my lectures are unable to teach in my opinion. not to say i know anything about teaching but i am unable to grasp whatever they are teaching cos i don’t understand whatever they are talking about. they go through work like a bullet train and when we ask for clarification, most of the time, they disregard it. this makes me really confused. you are a tutor. your job is to teach me. you are paid to do so. so why is it hard for  you to do that task?

Lets put aside studies in school for a second and jump to club activities. This AY, i have the privilege of joining my course maincomm called BiZEn. My position in the maincomm is subcomm head. I feel that this position is quite fitting for me and i enjoy my role in the club very much. However, conflict always arise whenever a major project is arriving. Our AGM was a few months back and i would say that it was okay but it can definitely improve. I dont know. for me, i’m constantly trying to better myself everyday if it’s possible. i mean there’s s many great people out there that inspire me everyday and i just feel like i also need to be like them and be a better person. okay back to the point, after one event is over, there’s no time to rest cos there’s something that’s way more important and that’s the Freshman Orientation camp. And this has been in my head for so long and making me stress all the time. all these time i’m just thinking whether the camp is possible with such short notice. right now, nothing has been set in place and it really freaks the hell out of me cos the camp date itself is drawing nearer. for me, i’m afraid i wont be a good GL head. i’m not experienced as a GL head. thank goodness i have friends who are able to guide me and teach me the ways as a GL head. if not i would be so lost right now.

okay i shall end it here now. so this can be part one of my rants. i’m just sleepy that’s why hahahahah!