Monthly Archives: January 2015

Daily Rants #5

School has been a mess for me. Relying in merely 5 hours of sleep everyday, drinking coffee to keep up my energy and delaying my meals. This has become my daily routine since ever since school started. Not to mention the constant headaches and migraines I’ve been having these past few days. It has been really tiring for me. And when friday comes, I’m just like YAAAAAASSSSS!!!! FINALLY! But then it hit me that i have submissions due and project that needs to be done. It has come to the point where i even dream about my projects and school. I am not joking here guys.


Yes it has been really messy but thank god for OCL (off-campus learning) week. This week was the time i’ve sort my thoughts, my work and prioritize what’s most important to me right now. Every single day it is a constant battle to me. Battling my demons. My thought has gotta be my worse enemy cos lets face it, we all over-think. And my thought constantly overpowers me cos i think way too deep and too far into the situation that it consumes me. And i admit, it is something that has to be changed. I use to not care that much about what people think and what the circumstances might happen if i say something, which meant that i didn’t filter. I wished i was like that now cos i feel i care way too much then i used to. Which may be good but it can also be bad. I wished i cared less about what people said or thought about me or what i do. Because now i know there is an outcome in whatever i do.

But now that i have sorted out everything and just made myself centered again, i think i am gonna do fine. I really do. I think this is a major wake up call for me to just snap me back to reality. It’s time for me to just do whatever that i feel is right. in a sense, be a little bit selfish, but not too much. And just not care about what others say cos that will just slow me down.IMG-20140904-WA0015

(just cos i miss the crazy “photoshoot” team awesome had)