Monthly Archives: November 2014

Daily rants #4 has been taking a toll on me. Right now, I’m just exhausted. exhausted from school and exhausted from LIFE. well, I’m exaggerating. however I am exhausted and you can even see it in my skin that I am stressed, tired and in a mess. School work has been piling and even tho a couple of projects are done, it seems like there’s more to submit. It’s like a never-ending cycle of work after work after work and I’m just like whoa. Hold on and give me a moment to rest.


Other than work, my head is just in a mess. It’s like my brain will not stop working and thinking. I mean I know how to relax and believe me i can relax. It’s just that now a day, i cant seem to do that. It’s either I’m thinking of my school work or people. It just keeps working. But I’m not thinking of serious issues all the time. it’s just my brain will not stop working. I do admit, I’ve been happier. And maybe me feeling this way is making my brain work even harder and trying to find ways to make me feel better or just stop all the negativity. Right now I feel like a crap but I have come to terms that I just have to suck it up and just go on with life.

Now, even though I’m making my life sound extremely terrible now, there are happy moments here and there. Great company has given me the motivation to stay positive and remain happy. whether it’s at school or at home, I’m surrounded with people who (i hope haha) loves me and cares for me. Coffee is like the love of my life right now during this tough period. Yes drinking coffee all the isn’t good however, it has given me so much life and joy. Now i really want a caramel macchiato. Tea is a good substitute for coffee too. but coffee is just amazing! And i know this sounds weird but my laptop has been my best friend and i am nothing without it. my spotify, youtube, school stuff, everything is in my laptop and i’m just so dependent on it now. it might sound like it’s nothing, but it’s everything to me.

tumblr_inline_n49v8oTAXW1qafrh6Well that’s all i have to say for now. Hope you’re all doing well. and if you’re going through a tough time just like me, stay strong and persevere on. We can all do this. It will all be worth it and remember, NO RAGRETS HAHAH! See ya!


credits to the owner of pics 🙂