Daily Rants #2

tumblr_m7qottgqk21qik79mo1_500It is October now. Can you believe how fast this year is passing by. Holidays are gonna end soon and i will soon have to snap back to reality and face school once again. Even though i’m don’t want school to start but a small part of me does. Mainly because i get to see my friend which is always awesome. Maybe a fresh new semester is like a fresh new starts. something like the start of the year. Something new is gonna happen and you know big things are gonna happen. Great things in fact. But as usual, this will only last for a couple of weeks then boom! You wish your holidays will come back.

But for now, I’m enjoying my holidays as much as possible. Going out with friends and someone more special than a friend…… heheheh! also i worked FOR F1! not really for F1 but under their food and beverages segment. It was a great experience and it was so fun working with my friends at the wee hour cos we took the midnight shift. Best shift in the world! love it! especially when you have friends working with you. got to see Jennifer Freakin’ Lopez and she was amazing! Like how can someone have so much energy to perform for so long and in heals! wow!


Anyways, a lot has changed since the last time i blogged. One of the big changes is having someone really special to me. Now, i have gain so many new friends. My poly friends, and friends outside my poly. These are some of the best people i have ever met and i am so blessed to have met them and for them to accept me as a friend is really a big deal to me cos they really treat me well. It just warms my heart. Love you guys so so much.


But i have also lost friends that were very dear to me and they were once really really close friends to me. It is still hard for me to move on from it and try to forget it. They were such good people to me and i was really blessed to have them in my life. But i guess it was not meant to be. And sometimes you have to let it go. Even though you want to fix things so badly but if the other party doesn’t then i cant do anything about it. Makes me sad thinking back at it cos maybe it might be my fault maybe it was not. And even though it wasn’t my fault, why couldn’t i fix it. All these questions comes to my mind. But sometimes you just don’t have the answer for it. But i’m getting past it. My friends are making it easier for me and I’m glad to have them.

Stay positive guys. Think of people who really loves you. Treasure them and i’m sure life will be better!http%3A%2F%2F24.media.tumblr.com%2F07c1bb94f98f8d1f97325e3d0c4ff601%2Ftumblr_mye9woFNOU1s54vfgo1_500


Credits to the owners of pics


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