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Daily Rants #1

1405770825266[1]Following up with my current wordpress series – AM Post, I will be starting a new series called Daily Rants. Why? because I want to rant and hopefully this might sort off be a daily thing going on in the boring blog. So lets get started shall we people!


First off i would like to rant on the fact that i have been feeling quite lonely recently. I’m not saying i dont have friends or anything but it has been 19 years and still, i have not experienced the feeling of “like like” or “love”. I just have never felt that way for a person before in my life and you might think it’s weird. But to be honest, it is quite normal and frankly speaking, I like it. I feel happy being single an I have more money to spend on myself. You would think by now i would have felt the feeling of love but I don’t. And honestly, i feel as though I’m repelling guys instead of attracting them. Hence, this leads me to question myself. Is there something about me that needs to be changed in order to get a guy? Okay now you guys will be wondering whether I’m like desperate to find a guy or whatever. But I’m not. I love being single. Sometimes I see my friend who are in a relationship and they would be fighting all the time and i would think to myself, thank God I’m not in a relationship. But there are days (like today) that makes me feel like i do want something like that. Or at least experience a little something along that line. And then you remember that there is the other side in the relationship that is just filled with happiness and love and that’s what makes me feel lonely.


I have to admit, I am one of those people that would look at a couple out in public and be like bleagh. I’m my head i’m like thinking can you go somewhere else where i can’t see your PDA. Then again, sometimes it’s quite nice to see them cos they’re happy and that’s their source of happiness anyways. It’s like watching a drama when the 2 main characters get together and you be like awwwwww~! Be sometimes it’s like bleagh….. The point is i have mixed feelings about it.


In conclusion………….. well i dont have a conclusion to this. HAHAHAHA! This is the beauty of rants. You don’t have a point to make but you just want to rant it out. I like it and i have a feeling i will do it again. Till next time. BYE GUHYSS~!


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AM post 5

Well July has arrived and for some reason, it seems like i have hit it off feeling like shit. well at least i feel that i have. This past few weeks have not been the best for me, i admit it. And I have my dark days. today is one of them. there’s just too many things going on all at the same time. it’s just getting way too out hand and i just want to stop for a while. But it chasing after me and it won’t let me rest at all. The haunting thoughts at night and trying to put on a happy face when deep down inside, I’m just falling apart. I’m just way too overwhelmed right now. I’ve been trying my best to stay strong just like how i always tell my friends when they are facing problem. But god it is so damn hard.

I’m sorry for sounding like this after not posting for so long. But i just needed to vent out the pent-up feelings that i have been bottling all this time. I’m just hoping that God will give me the strength to pick myself up and carry on. I can do this.