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It’s a little odd for me to be posting so early in the morning but i need to get something of my chest before i start to go mad and kill everyone that i see.

It feels like even though we put in so much effort into doing something, it is never appreciated. and it makes me sad to think that after spending five years with us, you would still think we are a nuisance. worse. even regard us as strangers. why would you do that. even after we have done so much for this production and mind you, we are not getting anything out of it. and we are still a nuisance?! Fuck…… i didn’t know you thought of us that way……. it’s times like this where i wish i could talk to mrs b.

i feel like shit now thanks to you.


AM post 4

lkmoij.pngMarch is coming into an end and here I am thinking that it is still January. It’s crazy how time fly so fast nowadays. Soon it’s gonna be April and i will have to face my new school and meet new people which is kinda freaking me out. Let’s be honest here, I’m absolutely terrified of meeting new people. Not that I am anti social person. It’s just that i feel i have lost a small part of that super friendly and bubbly side of me. Not being around a bunch of people for the past year has made me kinda socially awkward. I’ll like to believe I still am friendly and confident. it’s just that i have become more scared and nervous. which is something new for me because i’m quite “out there”. Super crazy and wild. But now, i feel like i have matured. I am more relaxed and calm now. Which i really like.

Well i don’t have to be scared and nervous. I need to be more confident! COME ON AMANI!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!

Anyways, these past few months has been great. Tiring. but great.I met new people through Arts Panache. Became closer to my juniors and gave them whatever help i could offer them. hopefully this will be a smooth production and everything will fall into place on the performance day, which i am so excited for!! This really brought back good memories from my drama days…… Really miss those time. And i wish i had treasured it more….. How i wish i could go back in time and relive those happy moments once again.

426822_2633308670467_1187913277_32237180_1795276743_nMrs B has gotta be the best teacher i have ever met! love her and i miss her so much!

425436_380424565305387_100000135417399_1690069_1448814138_n423446_2633291030026_1187913277_32237148_924308045_nRyana looks so cute here! And iffah looking pretty as always.

Really wish i could relive those moments once again. Love my drama club to death. And I’m so glad that we still keep in contact. So blessed that i have met them and became like a family to them. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Well that’s all for tonight. Gotta head to sleep. BYE~!


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My ootd to the recent play I just watched called ‘The Misanthrope’.

Well hello there fellow readers! It is March……… HOW COULD THIS BE!!! Time is passing by so fast. It seems like earth is on steroids. We just need to slow down man…. take things slow and chill for a second.

Alright! trying to stick to my new year’s resolution of posting more often wordpress, I’ve decided to take some time off my not-so-busy schedule and wordpress a little before heading to sleep. It has been quite hectic these past few days or so. doing my poly admissions thingy which is so damn confusing and annoying, helping out with the Arts Panache and also helping my mother with her work. helping with the arts panache has been really fun yet challenging. It’s a tough job trying to get things on the right track and helping out the cast and crew. But it really does bring back good memories from my days in drama. I’m quite excited to see the final performance and i’m just hoping everything will go smoothly.

Singapore has been exceptionally hot nowadays. And the haze is getting worse. the air smells like ass. But we can get through this. I’m just really wishing for it to rain. I would be so happy if it rains. It’s so damn hot and dry that the grass is brown in colour. Which is quite sad to see…..


Anyway, I just wanna take this time to mention my best friend Iffah over here. She’s going through a really tough time in her life right now and i just wanna give her a shoutout. To stay strong. We are here for you all the way and we will help you get through this difficult time, together. Always remember that you are surrounded by many friends and family that supports you and love you so much cos we appreciate what you have done for us and we are so thankful that you helped us without ever wanting anything in return. especially me! I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. Forget about that jerk. He’s not worth your time. Remember that there are many guys waiting for you. And they will love you more than he did. And when you are in doubt or feeling low, remember that i’m here for you. Turn to Him too cos He will always listen and help you. 🙂

Alright! that’s all i have to say now. I know it’s a short post but this is just a short update. See ya on my next post! BYE~![1]