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AM post 3


Well hello there! it’s been a while since i last wordpress and i’m really sorry i haven’t been updating. Yes it has come to my attention that i have been neglecting this blog which is why i am back with the AM post. i used to do this all the time but 2013 has been a total bitch to me. to be honest, it is not my year at all. I mean there were happy moments but there were equally sad and depressing moment this year, which i will not dwell on because it is in the past and it will make this post really sad.

Anyways! let me just do a quick update with you guys on what has happened (happy things) and what’s  gonna happen in the future. SO LETS GET STARTED!


A few months ago, I was asked by my lovely drama instructor, Ms Ross, to perform a short play for the kids. This is a collaboration with the national library board. i’m not quite sure what was the title of the play which is kinda ironic cos i was acting in it. but, lets just call it ‘The Adventures of Goldilock ‘. I’m fully aware that the original title is ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’ but in this play Goldilocks ran away from home and encounter many obstacles and met many people. She met Cinderella, the 3 Little Pig which became the 2 Little Pigs, the big bad wolf, Repunzel and finally the 3 Bears.

I was given the role of Goldilocks. Now i must say when i agreed to this, i was quite worried that i would not be able to act like i did a year ago. This was because i haven’t acted for quite a while and i was getting a little rusty. especially remembering my lines. My memory is deteriorating cos i’m getting older and older. *sigh* Anyways, THANK GOD I DIDN’T REJECT THE OFFER cos it was so much fun and it felt amazing being in front of an audience again. it only took us about 3 weeks to get the whole thing together and the show went well and overall, it was a great experience.

Another thing that strikes out the most recently was the play ballery, diyanah, lucas and i watched. ‘Metamorphosis’ was a theatre adaptation by Steven Berkoff from Franz Kafka’s novel. it was performed by NAFA’s theatre department students and alumni. And surprise surprise, Ms Ross was one of the cast member! IT WAS AMAZING! the show was spectacular and it almost made me cry but i didn’t cos i was wearing non waterproof mascara and my heart is made of steel. Kidding! i cry at everything. HEHEEHE!! that is a lie too cos i don’t cry that easily. ANYWAYS! The performance really captured my heart.

The story is about a travelling salesman, Gregor Samsa, who wakes up in one morning to find himself transform into a giant insect.

Now this story really hit me hard because i realised that i was some sort like Gregor. not like i am turning into an insect but it’s the fact that he had a lot of issues. he was finding it hard to connect with his family, the pressure he had and the weight he had to carry before he transformed into an insect was huge and becoming almost like a burden to the family after becoming an insect. which was something i can relate to. it was amazing to watch it and no word can describe how awesome their acting was. I wish i can watch it again.

In 2 months time, i”m going to Indonesia again for a short trip. One of my family member is going to get married and i have to attend it. Not so excited about the wedding but i am excited about the food and the shopping there. And there will be a huge gathering on my mom’s side of the family cos it has been a while since i’ve met them and it has been a while since they have seen my sis cos she coming along with us. LIKE FINALLY! the last time i went there, my sis couldn’t join us cos she had work but this time it’s different cos she finally got an off day. SO YAY!

Gonna end it here now! Till next time! BYE~!