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Thoughts thoughts thought…. (weird)


Hello there. It’s me again. So February is here already. HURRAY~! I don’t know whether that is a good news or bad. however, I feel that time is moving way too fast. Have you guys realised that?? The earth’s axis is probably on crack or something and it’s spinning faster and faster everyday.

Let me just warn you first that this post might sound a little weird to you guys cos first, I just woke up from my nap so I’m a little bit light headed instead of refreshed. I really don’t know why. This is not the usual me. My body is just aching everywhere. But the sleep was good! It’s just my body problem today. I think I’m still tired. Secondly, I might sound a little dull and lazy today. The weather is just fantastic. It’s raining outside and it’s cold. Drinking a nice hot tea and reading a book. As for my case now, I’m WordPress-ing. Which is relaxing. While drinking a cup of tea of course.


So recently I had a conversation with my dear Ryana about nails. I know I know… what a weird topic to talk about. However I found the whole conversation hilarious and thought provoking. So we were talking about people who have really really long nail. And those that bejewelled their nails. I love nail art and i myself love to do my nails. And I know that there are people out there that loves those type of long bejewelled nails but as for me, I find that a little unattractive. But that’s my point of view. If you like, by all means do it. As I was saying, we were on that topic and we came up with ridiculous problems and questions.

1) how do they wash themselves after doing their business?
Frankly speaking, I’ve always wondered about that. Like, will it painful? Aren’t you afraid that it will chip or break while washing up? And these people actually pay a lot of money to do their nails and I was thinking won’t it break easily. It would be such a shame if it breaks so fast after paying so much money for it. I know this question is like a little bit weird but it was in both of our minds and it was left unanswered because we keep getting sidetracked.

2) bejewelled nails.
I for one don’t understand why bejewel your nail. I like bejewel-ing. Maybe your phone or your clothes etc. But nails are… again it’s just weird and it gets in the way of your work. I mean how do you even write. Doesn’t nails and gems get in the way of it. You have to change the way you hold your pen just because your nails are in the way of it. Or let’s say you’re doing your chores, cooking for example, and one of your gems came off and it decided to join the food. And imagine accidentally eating it. Oh my gosh…. the thought of it scares me. I just find that it gets in the way of whatever you’re doing.

3) doing chores, work or any activities
Now I touched on this in the previous paragraph but I still wanna emphasise on this problem. First, doing chores. I reckon that these people would actually do the chores. I mean everyone does the chores. But if I had those long bejewelled nails, I wouldn’t want to do any chores cos I would not wanna ruin my nails. If you actually do the chores and have those nails, again it just gets in the way. It makes work harder for you. Why make things harder for yourself. Second, work. Finding papers, writing, typing or even using your phone, it would be really hard to do all of that. It gets in the way and you would take a longer time to finish your work. And I am sure that is not what you want. And third, doing activities. By activities I mean working out or something along that line. Maybe pick up item, I don’t know. Your nails would break easily after doing whatever activities you planned. I’m sure that’s not what you want so in the end, you would do nothing. Which is really boring.

So those were the main thoughts we had about this topic. Also, I kept thinking that you would find scratch marks all over your body. Why? Because of your long nails.


I can’t believe I actually wrote a post on nails. What is wrong with my life….. I told you this post is weird. But anyways, I hope you guys will have a fantastic week ahead. Chinese New Year is coming soon!! Woohoo!! So enjoy your holidays and happy chinese new year everyone!