Monthly Archives: December 2012

stuck outside…. :'(

hey guys~! yes it has been a while since I last WordPress but anyway I’m here. it is 12/12/12 everyone! how amazing is that and this will be the last. awww…. so sad. but it seems like 12/12/12 was not a pretty good day for me.

other than doing nothing productive today I am now stuck outside my house with absolutely nothing to do (other than WordPress), no money and worst of all, no food!! ugh! I mean I didn’t eat lunch at all.

let me just start in the morning. I went out to mac and ate my breakfast, alone. so sad… there was a long story behind it. but one good thing happened today was meeting zailiyah. we did the usual. hang out and all. and now I’m stuck outside the house. yeah it might not sound like a bad day or whatever but there it wasn’t good. all I want is to be at home and drink a nice cup of tea while watching a nice movie. sound boring but it is nice and relaxing. yes it might not be spectacular but I like doing stuff like that.

all I’m saying is there’s nothing special about 12/12/12. maybe something good will happen later. I don’t know. but right now, it kinda sucks. cos there are like lizards around and I am scared of them and I hate them. Eewwww!!

this holiday, I have to admit, it’s not that amazing. but at least I get to laze around before terror strikes back. and by terror, I mean school. oh well…. gotta go! my battery is really low now. and I have to fight the lizards. I CAN HEAR THEM!! BYE~!