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day out to tampines


hey there! so today, I went out with ma gurls time tampines. I know I know…. it’s kinda weird to go all the way to tampines cos I live so far away from there. but let me tell you the malls at tampines is amazing! I can stay there for a long time. there are 3 malls there which is insane. in a good way.

Actually, we wanted to go job hunting today. just look around if there are any places who are in need of workers especially in the retail sector. for me, I’m not exactly interested in getting a job at tampines. let’s face it. it’s way too far away from where I live. but I just look around there to check out the place. also, I love the mall! it’s huge!!

anyways, the girls went to watch pitch perfect and they were telling me that it was an amazing movie. highly recommended! then I went to meet them after the movie. It was a pretty good day! the bad thing is, it was just hard to find a job. oh well…. we just have to try harder.

I just wish I could stay longer. explore the place even more. there are so many sights in Singapore which I wanna see. I wanna go out at night and explore the happenings around here. yeah the stores and all are closed, but there other shops that are open till late at night and I wanna see that! I know I sound like a tourist now. but, now that I am older and O’s are over, why not I check all these places out. who know what I will see! it would be so much fun! and imagine all the pictures.

oh and I did take pictures today so here it is!








had a little French moment with Sabila just now which was really nice. just to catch up since we haven’t seen each other for a while.


                   my outfit for the day.

and now it’s time to end this post. hope you guys have a great week ahead! see ya!!!


Am post

Why hello beautiful people out there. Finally I am WordPress-ing. Feeling rather guilty that I have been neglecting you WordPress. Currently, I am WordPressing via my new phone which I haven’t named yet. Anyways, hopefully I would be WordPressing more often now since I can and I definitely will.

Okay. Where shall I begin with this post. Oh! I NEED A JOB ASAP!! I want to work so badly. And there ‘re a lot of reasons as to why i need a job.

       1: I am out of cash
       2: I am rotting at home
       3: I AM OUT OF CASH!!!

Yes people. I am desperate for a job. I have rested enough already and I need to occupy my time now with work. I need to depend on myself. I can’t always depend on my parents. Then I would be a horrible child. Which I’m not.

One thing that I miss most during this break is my friends!! I miss them so much!! About a week ago I had my class chalet and I had the time of my life there! It was so much fun. Just hanging out with my friend whom I have been together with for 3 and some, 5 years. Definitely one of those occasions which you will never forget. And not to mention staying up the whole night watching movies. I remembered it was 4 am when we went out of the house to get a drink and we walked all the way to the main road. And if you go further in, the old changi hospital is located there. There were so many cats! It was fun walking out in the middle of the night. I have to admit, I was scared. But it was fun!

But sadly, all good things come to an end. I really hope we will still keep in contact. This is why drama should have a camp! Shilpao, Ballery, Ashqin, if you’re reading this, when will we have the camp?!!! Hahahahaha!!

Okay now…. it’s time to end this post. Have a lovely holiday guys!! Bye!!

I’m back!

HI guys! Yes! i am finally back! O’s are over bitches and i am finally free from this curse of mine called O’s! I am so happy right now. You have no idea the joy i have knowing that i no longer have to study for O’s. Anyways, ever since O’s were over, i have a lot of time in my hands. so i have been going out a lot.

I will be telling you of the events that i have went but i am currently still editing the photos from the outing. I have sat on my chair for the past 4 hours and still, i have not finish editing all the pictures yet. You can tell that we took a lot of pictures.Anyways, just gonna give you like a brief description of the outing. I went out with my girls to GARDENS BY THE BAY and let me tell you, IT WAS AMAZING! The plants were GORGEOUS! and it was a great place to have a photo shoot there. Another outing was with my sister. i have learnt from her that the night is always young and all the best things happens at night. SERIOUSLY!!

I just want to give you a heads-up that i will be wordpressing more now that i have time. So yeah! this post is mainly to let you guys know that i am still alive. This blog is rather dead now but i will be posting more! I am really excited for that! I will see you guys soon! BYE!