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AM post 2

Hello fellow readers. The AM post is back on! Since this is the only time i really have now, I shall spend it wisely by wordpressing. Well, this is a way for me to relax. So why not!

It is really late now and i should be sleeping. But it’s Saturday night/ Sunday morning. I can do whatever i want. And yes, this is how i spend my saturday nights. At home, nothing to do. Just sit on the couch and watch tv or sit on a chair and surf the web. I’ve realised that i am indeed such a boring person. As a matter of fact, i hardly ever go out now. Even if i did go out, it is to study. And i study at the freaking hospital. It’s not like i have a condition or whatsoever. No. It just so happens that i focus better and study better in the hospital. Weird huh. and i’m not the only person who studies there. Many students study there. It’s the new ‘it’ place to study. I find it better to study in the hospital than in a library. Especially Yishun’s library. I have nothing to say about that library. Actually, i do have a lot of things to say about that library but i rather keep it to myself. besides, it’s way too long of a story.

Anyways, back to the point of me being an extremely boring person. I spend a lot of time at home. Come on! I’m 17 years old! I should be going out celebrating my youth! but instead, I’m stuck at home, studying the whole day. How sad is that. Stupid O levels. I can’t wait for it to end. In about a month time, it would be over. And i can finally go out and have a blast. Something that i haven’t done for a long time. Prelims are over already. I have survived 2 weeks of examination. YES! Soon, i would be taking my O’s. The thought of it is scary, but it is time i faced it. I mean five years of preparation has led me to this day. And i refuse to regret my actions.

I want to make my parents proud. That is my priority. I want them to be happy. I want them to be proud for me. Something that i have not achieved for 17 years of my existence. Maybe i have made them proud in a couple of occasions. But i certainly don’t feel it. Their happiness is important to me. They have raised me up and supported me all the way. This is the only thing i can give them in return.

Now i’m starting to think whether i am happy. I’m so caught up on how others feel, i have not stop to think about my feelings. Am i happy? I don’t have an answer for that. I think i am neither happy nor sad. sometimes i do feel sad. And sometimes, even if i am in a happy atmosphere and i’m laughing and all, i am not truly happy. As in the thought of, maybe O’s, is still at the back of my mind and no matter what i do, even if it is something happy, i do feel guilty. Like i should be studying.

I don’t know. Maybe i’m just too tired. I’m tired of everything. all i need is a little rest. That’s all. I just need to relax. My body is so tensed up. i really got to just stop and rest. But i can’t. It’s wrong. It’s okay. It’s just a month. i can get through this. i will get through this. FIGHTING!!



Hey guys! For those of you who don’t know, the sec 4 and 5 are currently having our prelims. And it is amazing how i survived 1 week of exam! It’s not over yet though. There’s still another week. But even so, I think we can have a little celebration over that. Therefore, the girls and i went out to town to do a little shopping and relaxation. Let me tell you, IT WAS SO FUN!!

Well other than the fact that i waited for the girls for an hour at orchard all alone, we had a blast just walking around and looking at the clothes. Not only did we window shop but we too bought new clothes. You know what, I felt like a stylist that day! it was like the girls were asking me for my opinion on the clothes. i spread my love of british stuff to them. And let me tell you, if i was rich, i would have bought a lot of stuff there. Literally every store i went, i wanted to buy something from there. And i hinted to them of what i want as a birthday present. HEHEHEHE!! Oh well! That’s just me! Think about it, it would be easier for them to buy me a present. I was like “Sabila~~!! I like this one~!! Erlyn~~!! Siti~~!! This one~!” That is the way to get the presents you want man. I think it is smart! in my opinion.

We also went to abercrombie and fitch. Let me tell you, the girls went out of the store so happy cos they got a picture with the model. HAHAHA!!! The guy was really hot! They came out fangirling and i was laughing at them!! I didn’t go in cos well i wanted to go to topshop and you know just…… OKAY FINE!! I REALLY WANTED TO GO IN BUT, i have a confession to make….. I was scared…… HEY!! It’s a very high-end store! I get nervous okay…. Don’t judge me!

like always, when girls go out, WE HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES!!

#ootd !! I had the whole geek look that day. I think it suits me.

So yeah~! It was a great day! Filled with laughter! but, i have to say, when i got home, I WAS EXHAUSTED!! Like my back was aching, i had leg cramps. It was just terrible. I felt like an old lady. Like a grandma. but it’s okay! i have recovered and i am all better.

In other news, next week would be the last week of the prelims. HOORAYY!!! Of course we still need to study. actually i should be studying now. Like intensive studying. But i’m really lazy. Not to worry! When times like this, i wake up extremely early in the morning to study. Best time to study is in the morning. It’s so peaceful. I absolutely love it!!

Okay all this talk about studying really reminds me that i should be studying now. okay guys! gotta go~!! until the next time~! BYE~~!!!

Jalan Raya~!! ^^

Hello gorgeous people out there! It is the one week holiday! Well the one week holiday is coming to an end. How sad…. It feels like it was just yesterday I went with my malay friends or as i like to call it, the malay community. We went JALAN RAYA- ing!!! It was so fun!! Even though i was exhausted after a whole day of jalan raya-ing, it was definitely worth it. My legs are still sore even though we went out days ago. I guess i’m getting really old now. I was actually sad that i was unable to visit all the houses. What can i say…. Duty calls. Have to study or my mom would kill me. It’s okay. Suffer now enjoy later!

We first went to Ricky’s house. But before that i went to meet up with the girls first. They all looked gorgeous! No kidding. I swear we can all be models for First Lady.

Don’t they look beautiful! Ahhh…. The rush i get when i have new clothes for Hari Raya awaiting for the day i can finally wear it. For that day, i wore a light blue Baju Arab or Jubah. I really like the design and the beading is amazing! However, i felt that it didn’t go well with my skin tone. I’m kinda tanned. But who cares! I love that dress! And besides, it made me look tall! ^^ The girls were so tall that day cos they wore high heels and i didn’t so i was extra short that day. Just when i thought i would look taller, it turns out, i was much shorter than the rest. I chose comfort instead of dying wearing heels for the whole entire day, walking around and lagging behind. No regrets. 🙂

Anyways we went to Ricky’s house and we got lost. No worries. We had the Izzul and Ricky to the rescue. While waiting, we took pictures of course. Always camera ready!

Beautiful best friend, Iffah~ ❤

Then we went to the rest of the houses like Izzul’s, Zafir’s, Sabila’s and Siti’s. I left early while the rest went to Aqid’s and Amirul’s house. When we went to siti’s house, we realized the Ricky was a family man! All the kids loved him and they didn’t want to let go of him. Which to me is surprising. I think that it was the square jaw he has that mesmerized them. Zafir’s house was really pretty! We played L4D and Aqid played Kinect. I have to say, Aqid is a pretty good dancer. And of course we took pictures there.

The blues~!

Aqid playing the guitar and singing. 🙂

Outfit of that day. 😀

Then we went to Sabila’s house, which was the last house for me to visit. By the time i went to Sabila’s house, i was pretty tired. And her chair was so comfortable. I could have slept there. Anyways we left the house and we literally ran for the bus. And while we were crossing the road, a lorry almost ran over the girls. Lucky i walked pretty slowly. They screamed and i was taken aback by the scream. It was like those horror movies where the girl scream their lungs out. Thank god they were safe. Next time we have to look left and right before crossing the road people.

In other news, the one week break is coming to an end. And it’s safe to say that this week is book week for me. I’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow. It’s like i start reading and 10pm and the next thing i knew, it was 2am. HOLY SHIT! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?! It felt like an hour ago i just started reading. It’s like once i start, i couldn’t stop. In total, i read about 3 books this week. Which is bad cos i should be studying instead of reading. But the book was enticing me. Guilty pleasure i must say.

It’s a little late but i started reading the Hunger Games trilogy and MY GOD IT IS THE BOM DIGIDY! It means THE BEST!! I LOVE THE BOOK! It was filled with ups and downs. And i absolutely LOVE PEETA!!! It’s like Katniss and Peeta are made for each other. Although i do love Gale but there’s just something about Peeta that make me love him more. The way he behaves. He so Sweet and kind. And the way he shows his affection to Katniss just makes me cry and leave me wanting to be in her position. He is so nice to Katniss and i could feel that he really loves her. It just brings me to tears of joy. *sob sob* I think i made the right decision to not watch the movie cos i didn’t want any spoilers. Phew~!

But of course, I’ve been studying. Well, that is my job anyways. Prelims are coming. Actually it is next week. So close. Next week is just gonna be crazy and tiring. Exam after exams. But i have to try my best. PEOPLE!! DO YOUR BEST OKAY!! YOU CAN DO IT!! GAMBATE!! FIGHTING!!