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AM post.

(oh Edwin…. :))

Why hello good people out there. So today was the first day of Raya. Yay! Can’t believe a whole month has passed. The worst part it, it was way too fast (no pun intended)  and it seems like i’m still in the fasting mood. Although i still eat a lot. And when i say a lot, I really mean a lot. It’s like my stomach is a bottomless pit. I keep eating and eating and instead of being full cos of all the food i have consumed, I get hungrier for more food. What’s wrong with me?! Well who care. Eating makes me happy. That’s right. Judge all you want people but it will not stop me from eating a whole lot of food. Cos i’m fabulous. *flips hair* HAHAHAH!!!

So back to the subject of Raya. You know what, i shall focus on the holy month of Ramadhan. This year’s Ramadhan is rather special to me. I feel like i am much closer to HIM and i feel more calm. It seems like everything just falls into its place during this timing. Not only was i much happier during that month, But i was also diligent by going to the mosque to pray. Although i get tired after a long day at school, but i still made it a point to go for terawih. And it truly is fun as i went with my lovely girls. We pray together and have fun together. Not to mention, eating Dadih (pudding) after our prayers. These memories will always be cherished. It is definitely different. Well it is for me. I have learnt so many things during this month. To always stay calm and patient. To not get angry easily and to always stay positive because God will always be there for you no matter what.

First day of raya was not too bad. It was weird because we were the first family to arrive at my grandparents house. The house was so empty when we came. It was still nice. I like the whole peaceful and calm thing. Anyways it was fun and all. Nothing much really. It’s the same thing every year. Nothing has changed. In fact, i like it unchanged. It seems like everything is in place. Sure i don’t a lot of people to hang out with. But i still kinda like it. To see my grandparents happy. To see all the smiles on their face. It’s nice.

My grandparent is the one of the most important people in my life.`They represent love. Yes they fight a lot, but whenever there’s a problem, they take their time to fix it. And then, they fall back into love again. Recently, my grandma had an operation and alhamdulillah, she recovered from it. She is now back on her feet. Anyways, before my grandma left to the operation room, you can see it in their eyes how much they love each other. When my grandpa saw her leaving to the operation room, he had teary eyes and you can see how much he loves her. I wish i could have a love like that. Something sincere and faithful. if only i can find something like that….. well it’s hard.

Anyways, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!! MOHON MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN! I would like to apologize for whatever mistakes i have made and if i made you people angry whatsoever. Okay then! BYE!




hello there. It’s been a while since i last wordpressed. First off, i am truly sorry for neglecting my wordpress. I am so busy with my school activities that i am too tired to update my wordpress. Secondly, as you can see from the title, it’s gonna be part sad and emo, so bare with it.

On Friday 17th August, which was yesterday, it was the release of the ‘O’ level MT results. I have to say, even though i passed my Mt, i am still sad that i was not able to achieve my target. In fact, i was far from it. I really thought that i could make it but….. It turned out to be the other way around. Was a sad? Yes. Was i disappointed. Definitely. when i got my results back, my heart immediately sank. You know that feeling where you have worked so hard for something and unable to achieve your target. That was what i felt. It all came crashing down within seconds. I have to say i felt sad to see the other people cheering and celbrating because of their results. Yes it’s great for them and i congratulate them because they have worked so hard and as a reward, they don’t need to take MT anymore. But i can’t help but feel just a tiny bit of sadness seeing them rejoice over their marks.

how i wish i was in their position. The one thing that i didn’t want was to disappoint my parents and yet again, i felt that i have disappointed them. They didn’t say that they were disappointed. They were fine about it. But i just felt as though i have let them down. they have supported me all this while and i am unable to make them happy and proud of myself. They told me to try harder the next time and they know that i can do it. I am so blessed to have such understanding and supportive parents that are there for me all the time.

No matter what the outcome was, i know that i have tried my best and i know that this is a wake up call for me to work much harder than before. i would like to thank all my friends who have cheered me up and supported me all the way. Seriously, without you guys, i would still be crying. Thank you for the encouragement you gave and i am so blessed to have friends such as you guys. My chairperson who sent out such an encouraging and sweet text to all of us. Thank you. Btw, he should win an award.

I think what i have learnt from all my friends is to never lose hope. Yes we will encounter failures in our lives, but that doesn’t mean you can give up and lose hope on it. It is just a sign which says to try harder and you will achieve the results you want. and when you need help, encouragement and motivation, your family and friends will be there for you all the way.

Lastly, i would like to end off by congratulating those who have achieved their goals. I am happy for you and you really deserved it. Good job guys! Think about it, NO MORE MT!