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Hey guys! I’m telling ya’ll that i have been rather crazy these past few days. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because i’m much happier now.  But my skin doesn’t seem to look good now. IT’S A SIGN OF STRESS!! Even Mrs B said so herself.

Speaking of stress, let me tell ya’ll how messed up us sec 4/5 students are. We, or at least I, have a messed up life. I am so damn tired every single day and it seems like i don’t have the time to study or even sleep. So busy with all the remedials and homework that i don’t even have time to stop and take a break. Even when i sleep, i don’t wake up feeling fresh. I just feel exhausted.

EXHAUSTION SLEEP. It’s just when my whole body shuts down. It is a cycle. sleep feeling exhausted –> Wake up feeling exhausted. But a positive attitude is vital during this period. It gives you strength to go on. Just need to suffer a little more. Then we can celebrate! GAMBATE!!

Okay! As you can see by the title, it’s pictures. Gonna post the pictures taken from the day out to KTPH. Yes it’s late, but the pictures taken were so nice and i must post it! It was just another typical day at KTPH. nothing special but a whole lot of pictures were taken. HERE YOU GO!

HOLY SHIT! That is a whole lot of pictures! That’s not all yo!

Isn’t that cool!

Oh my god! That is a lot of pictures! okay! ENOUGH OF THE PICTURES! But there’s nothing much to talk about though. My life must be really boring. Maybe tmrw i will wp something more meaningful and way better. BYE GUYS!!


2nd week!

Hey people! It’s been a while since I wordpressed. I shall tell you guys a brief description of my second week of school and stuff that happened here and there.

OH LORD! First off, my oral is scheduled on next tuesday. I AM FREAKING OUT HERE!! I heard about today’s oral picture discussion and conversation, and i was just shocked! I mean the picture was just shocking and i am afraid that the same thing that happen today will happen to me. What if i blanked out during the oral itself cos i have nothing to say at all. What if my whole ‘N’ level experienced happened again, when i totally had nothing to say and stared at the teacher with a blank face. So afraid that it will happen again. GODDAMNIT!! If only i was good in my Malay, i wouldn’t have this problem. Why must i be cursed with this inability to do well in my MT!

Other than that, this week was a pretty good week i must say. I didn’t go to school on tuesday if i’m not wrong. I slept the whole of tuesday cos i was so exhausted. I was in so much pain cos i had the flu and really bad body ache. I feel like an old lady saying i have body ache and i am sick. Weird. But the next day i was so happy. Although the timetable for school was just like crap cos i had POA, but other than that, it was a pretty good day. Can’t remember if it was wednesday or thursday when we went to pasar malam.

My goodness! The pasar malam was amazing! i absolutely loved it. The gang ( Ashqin, Ballery, Hariz and MEOW MEOW) and I went there to find food and just walked around. it was pretty good cos there were two pasar malams and both was equally good.

This post is getting rather weird. I am talking about freaking pasar malams! What am i doing?!

The point is, it was a pretty good and also tiring week. Btw, this is a brief post. Still have to tell you guys about KTPH outing and other stuff. but, let’s save it for another day. Maybe tomorrow. BYE THEN!