Daily Archives: May 26, 2012

Midnight post no. 4


Good morning! Another midnight post. hmmm…. So MT ‘O’ level is around the corner. actually, it’s on monday. I have to say, i sort of ready for it. But, I cannot take anymore of malay. I am tired of it. I don’t even feel like studying for it. Maybe it’s due to the mock exams cos they kept giving us malay worksheets to do and i’m so bloody tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, it is helpful. But too much is too tiring. I can’t stand it.

On the first day of the mock exams, i really did my best in my work. I was so pumped and i wanted to do it well. Then the second day came and i didn’t really took it properly. I left a few blanks here and there. But by the time the third day of mock exams came, it was like DAYUM. I submitted crappy work. I only did one section for paper one. If i’m not wrong, i only did the compo and left the letter writing blank. When the forth day came, my brain was not functioning properly already. My brain was tired of the stupid MT papers. I felt that if i had to do another goddamn piece of MT paper to do, i would scream at the exam hall. But i didn’t. Don’t worry. I only did that in my heart. And then the fifth day came. I was already not taking it seriously and i didn’t even care about the papers. And as usual, i didn’t finish my work. But i didn’t care at all. I was so damn tired i couldn’t care less about it.

Although, the last day was pretty fun. No only did my class get to wear our class t-shirt the whole day, i was playing paper/drawing game with Iffah, Aqid and Zafir in the middle of the exam. It was really fun and all the drawings were really creative. like dora the explorer came out and her map shows…..

Home–> Jungle–> Strip club

Hmmmmm…… I wonder who wrote that.. Hint: one of the boys. HAHAHAH!!!

So that was fun. We end up not doing our work. Well at least i didn’t. I only did paper 1 and not paper 2. Amazing huh! So now the mock exams are over and the real one is coming. Honestly, i really want to get it over and done with it. If i get B3 and above, i’m more than happy. I really don’t want to take MT anymore. I don’t even know why i take malay when i’m not even malay. Yes, you heard me, i’m not malay. I’m considered as an others. So why do i have to take malay? hmmmmm…. I have no idea. There’s no explanation for it. I would rather take…. i don’t know, GERMAN than take malay.

So, the scholidays are coming and the name really fits the june holidays. SCHOLIDAY! The first week of the scholiday is just insanity. I’m telling you, it is back to back class. and not to mention, SSP. How amazing is that! NOT! Actually, i don’t think SSP is useful at all. We just sit in the room and do work. WTF! Thank goodness it’s just one week. If i can get through this one week of mock exam, i think i can take one week of SSP.

Life is hard, isn’t it. But i’m just gonna go through it with a smile on my face everyday. I watched Demi Lovato: Stay strong, and it was really inspiring. It really encouraged me to, as the title says, Stay Strong. (Well that was random :D)

Well, I hope you all will enjoy your holidays and for those taking your MT ‘O’s, GOOD LUCK!! GAMBATE!!!