Hello people. well, the MYE results are out. what can i say. I did horribly . I feel like i’m constantly disappointing my parents. I’m afraid to tell them my result. Actually, i’m afraid to tell my mom. I have no problems with telling my dad about my results.My dad would encourage me to do better the next time cos he knows i worked hard. If i did my best for the exam, then it is fine with him. My mom is the issue. I can never make her happy with my results. I just want her to be proud of me. I want her to stop comparing me with my sister. I absolutely hate it when she compares me to my sister. But what can i do about.

Oh well let’s turn this post around and make it happier. Okay. so the scholidays are coming. Although ‘O’ level MT is on the first day of the june break, if i’m not wrong, i’m looking forward to the holidays. It’s a time where we should take a break after studying half a year. Don’t really have much plans on the holidays but i’m sure it will be fun. But if i get SSP, then that’s another story. But i don’t really care about that anyways. I predicted i would get it anyway. I’m at a point where i actually don’t care anymore. the only thing i’m actually proud of is my english paper 1 and summary. Which is quite well done i must say.

I really do want to get good results for my MT ‘O’s. So that i can drop it and focus on the other subjects. I really want to do well and get it over and done with it.

This is a pretty sad post. maybe the next post would be more happier. Maybe pictures would make it better.


Like this dog! HOW CUTE IS HE!!




Guess who’s the model- to- be…..

Let’s get serious here! Shilpa is running for HEAD OF STUDENT COUNCIL !! Yay!! So people, VOTE FOR SHILPA!! She deserves to win. VOTE FOR HER!!


This is the face of the new student council everyone!

Okay then. Time to end this post. Bye ya’ll!


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