ImageWhy Hello Beautiful people out there. The weather today is just magnificent! It’s been raining the whole of last night and in the morning, it was freakin’ 23°C. How amazing is that. The weather reminded me of Australia. I miss Australia. I will do anything to go back in time and experience the whole trip again. But i have to move on. Those are memories that i treasure for the rest of my life.

Oh and before i forget, I wanna tell ya’ll what happened on last Saturday. I was so damn angry at this stupid shopkeeper or sales person or whatever she’s called. Me and my sis came in to the shop just looking at OPI nail polishes. Then when we left she wanted us to buy this hair removal product that apparently a lot of people buy. And she was like telling my sis that she should buy that product. At this point i was like, WTF…. okay….. We don’t wanna buy that product. We just wanna leave. NOW! And my sis is hairless and personally, i found it pretty weird that she was selling it to her. Then, out of nowhere, she grabbed my hand and started using the product and shaving a part of my hand. Cos she saw my sis’s hand being all hairless so she just attacked me with the product. I was like, BITCH ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE AND OUT OF YOUR MIND! I didn’t even reach out my hand and she just grabbed my hand thinking that i want to try that product that i’m never going to buying.


[That was sort of my face. But not really. I just think she’s pretty!]

I was confused. And that product hurts like a bitch. Well it’s hard to explain how the product is used. And now there’s a hairless patch on my hand. I just find it weird.  

Let’s move on to the present. Well technically it’s the past since it happened a while ago. Oh whatever! Let’s talk about what happened today. So we ( Kyler, Zhi En, Caven, Asyiqin, Ballery and me) went to study at KTPH. Let me just tell ya’ll this. I sounded like a seal. I couldn’t talk properly. And I’m pretty sure that people did not understand what i said. It was like as though something was stuck in my freaking esophagus. The day was pretty fun. Ball and Ash joined us. Ramon too. Caven had to leave cos he had a study date. :O Oooooooo~~~~~~~!!! Did physics but i think i will fail that. Oh well.. I have been failing physics ever since Mr Tang left my class…. SO SAD!!! We did a whole lot of dance dares. Which was funny. We even did it to random strangers. We were inspired by Andy, i think? One of the staff from the Ellen show and he did a lot of dance dares. It was inspirational. I was all high in the middle of the day cos i ate and I heard a little Gaga! Yes, Gaga makes me high! She gives me strength! I lip-sync to her song cos it would have been a disaster if i sang with my current voice. It will be all squeaky and gone at some part. I can’t control my voice okay! I’m sorry!


Then we went to shilpa’s house. That’s when my energy was all low cos i ran out of energy. And i didn’t hear any Gaga. But shilpa’s sofa is just perfect. I could sleep there, which i actually did. What…. You get tired after partying. So that was lovely. Then we had to go cos Rajitha was coming home soon. I was separated from the sofa….. ;'( So sad… but it’s okay. Overall, it was a good day. 

Lately, I have been watching a whole lot of youtube videos. I mean i have watched a lot of youtube videos before but i’ve been watching a lot more now. It’s like all i do is watch youtube videos. I love it! It bring me joy watching all those videos. If i’m having a bad day, watching those videos cheers me up.

Okay! Have to go now! BYE!!!



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