Daily Archives: May 5, 2012

Midnight post no. 3

ImageHello fellow readers. Another night/ morning, another post. Really do enjoy wordpressing at this hour. Really calming.. and everyone is busy doing their own stuff. Well at least my house is like that. My sis is at work, my dad probably meeting his friends or watching soccer at the coffee shop and my mom watching her indonesian channel, which is surprisingly showing boxing. And she’s actually engross in watching the match.

so, I’m sick ,yet again. My immune system seems to be not as strong as before. I’m just a mess now. I can’t walk straight cuz my head is spinning and I swear, i feel it throbbing. My throat is being a bitch. I keep coughing and that makes my headache even worse. It’s just horrible. And to add on to that, It’s the exam week. Well that’s fantastic, isn’t it. NOT! I ‘m pretty sure i failed my math and chem cuz i didn’t even study for it cuz i was SICK! okay i didn’t study for chem because i was sick and I just gave up on math. I knew i was gonna fail it too. So it didn’t really matter to me anyway. Whatever!

Okay here’s where it can get a little emo. So you can just not continue reading it or just scroll pass this paragraph. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Way too much. and i shouldn’t be thinking about it. I thought that if i don’t tell anyone about it and kept it to myself, it can go away. But it just seem to get worse and I let it affect me, a lot. I was really hurt and i couldn’t take it much longer. So talked to my AWESOME BESTFRIEND, Iffah. I cried my eyes out on the phone cos i was so damn hurt. I tried sleeping and i tried distracting myself from the problem, but it just didn’t work. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt lost and alone and that’s what i hate the most. I want to be happy and this is not making me happy. And i’ve decided that i’ve had enough. and i can’t tolerate it much longer. It’s not good for me. And for once, i’m have to think about myself and not care about what others think. Iffah truly did cheer me up and she was the one that i could count on to. I’m really thankful for that. I’m better now though. Which is good.

okay! Now that that’s over, Gonna tell you how my day went. Even though i was sick, i had to accompany my sis to town cos she needed to get something. Although i was sick, i have to say, i looked good. I wore a dress cos i wanted to dress up today. had a little make-up on. Felt kinda special. Well i had to wear make-up considering the way i looked. i was really pale and dead- like. I have to say i looked quite good. Ate my fav takoyaki. OH MY GOSH! They sell the best tako balls ever!! LOVE IT!  But sadly, i didn’t take any pics. 😦 But it’s okay.

Need to plan for serious wordpress post. I need to post for shilpa’s and hariz’s birthday. Soon, i will be posting about the exams. hmmm…. what else. Oh! I need to continue the next love post. Oh my gosh! So many to do….. but it’s okay. I have time. Gotta end this long post. BYE!!