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Midnight post no. 4


Good morning! Another midnight post. hmmm…. So MT ‘O’ level is around the corner. actually, it’s on monday. I have to say, i sort of ready for it. But, I cannot take anymore of malay. I am tired of it. I don’t even feel like studying for it. Maybe it’s due to the mock exams cos they kept giving us malay worksheets to do and i’m so bloody tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, it is helpful. But too much is too tiring. I can’t stand it.

On the first day of the mock exams, i really did my best in my work. I was so pumped and i wanted to do it well. Then the second day came and i didn’t really took it properly. I left a few blanks here and there. But by the time the third day of mock exams came, it was like DAYUM. I submitted crappy work. I only did one section for paper one. If i’m not wrong, i only did the compo and left the letter writing blank. When the forth day came, my brain was not functioning properly already. My brain was tired of the stupid MT papers. I felt that if i had to do another goddamn piece of MT paper to do, i would scream at the exam hall. But i didn’t. Don’t worry. I only did that in my heart. And then the fifth day came. I was already not taking it seriously and i didn’t even care about the papers. And as usual, i didn’t finish my work. But i didn’t care at all. I was so damn tired i couldn’t care less about it.

Although, the last day was pretty fun. No only did my class get to wear our class t-shirt the whole day, i was playing paper/drawing game with Iffah, Aqid and Zafir in the middle of the exam. It was really fun and all the drawings were really creative. like dora the explorer came out and her map shows…..

Home–> Jungle–> Strip club

Hmmmmm…… I wonder who wrote that.. Hint: one of the boys. HAHAHAH!!!

So that was fun. We end up not doing our work. Well at least i didn’t. I only did paper 1 and not paper 2. Amazing huh! So now the mock exams are over and the real one is coming. Honestly, i really want to get it over and done with it. If i get B3 and above, i’m more than happy. I really don’t want to take MT anymore. I don’t even know why i take malay when i’m not even malay. Yes, you heard me, i’m not malay. I’m considered as an others. So why do i have to take malay? hmmmmm…. I have no idea. There’s no explanation for it. I would rather take…. i don’t know, GERMAN than take malay.

So, the scholidays are coming and the name really fits the june holidays. SCHOLIDAY! The first week of the scholiday is just insanity. I’m telling you, it is back to back class. and not to mention, SSP. How amazing is that! NOT! Actually, i don’t think SSP is useful at all. We just sit in the room and do work. WTF! Thank goodness it’s just one week. If i can get through this one week of mock exam, i think i can take one week of SSP.

Life is hard, isn’t it. But i’m just gonna go through it with a smile on my face everyday. I watched Demi Lovato: Stay strong, and it was really inspiring. It really encouraged me to, as the title says, Stay Strong. (Well that was random :D)

Well, I hope you all will enjoy your holidays and for those taking your MT ‘O’s, GOOD LUCK!! GAMBATE!!!



Hello people. well, the MYE results are out. what can i say. I did horribly . I feel like i’m constantly disappointing my parents. I’m afraid to tell them my result. Actually, i’m afraid to tell my mom. I have no problems with telling my dad about my results.My dad would encourage me to do better the next time cos he knows i worked hard. If i did my best for the exam, then it is fine with him. My mom is the issue. I can never make her happy with my results. I just want her to be proud of me. I want her to stop comparing me with my sister. I absolutely hate it when she compares me to my sister. But what can i do about.

Oh well let’s turn this post around and make it happier. Okay. so the scholidays are coming. Although ‘O’ level MT is on the first day of the june break, if i’m not wrong, i’m looking forward to the holidays. It’s a time where we should take a break after studying half a year. Don’t really have much plans on the holidays but i’m sure it will be fun. But if i get SSP, then that’s another story. But i don’t really care about that anyways. I predicted i would get it anyway. I’m at a point where i actually don’t care anymore. the only thing i’m actually proud of is my english paper 1 and summary. Which is quite well done i must say.

I really do want to get good results for my MT ‘O’s. So that i can drop it and focus on the other subjects. I really want to do well and get it over and done with it.

This is a pretty sad post. maybe the next post would be more happier. Maybe pictures would make it better.


Like this dog! HOW CUTE IS HE!!




Guess who’s the model- to- be…..

Let’s get serious here! Shilpa is running for HEAD OF STUDENT COUNCIL !! Yay!! So people, VOTE FOR SHILPA!! She deserves to win. VOTE FOR HER!!


This is the face of the new student council everyone!

Okay then. Time to end this post. Bye ya’ll!

ImageWhy Hello Beautiful people out there. The weather today is just magnificent! It’s been raining the whole of last night and in the morning, it was freakin’ 23°C. How amazing is that. The weather reminded me of Australia. I miss Australia. I will do anything to go back in time and experience the whole trip again. But i have to move on. Those are memories that i treasure for the rest of my life.

Oh and before i forget, I wanna tell ya’ll what happened on last Saturday. I was so damn angry at this stupid shopkeeper or sales person or whatever she’s called. Me and my sis came in to the shop just looking at OPI nail polishes. Then when we left she wanted us to buy this hair removal product that apparently a lot of people buy. And she was like telling my sis that she should buy that product. At this point i was like, WTF…. okay….. We don’t wanna buy that product. We just wanna leave. NOW! And my sis is hairless and personally, i found it pretty weird that she was selling it to her. Then, out of nowhere, she grabbed my hand and started using the product and shaving a part of my hand. Cos she saw my sis’s hand being all hairless so she just attacked me with the product. I was like, BITCH ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE AND OUT OF YOUR MIND! I didn’t even reach out my hand and she just grabbed my hand thinking that i want to try that product that i’m never going to buying.


[That was sort of my face. But not really. I just think she’s pretty!]

I was confused. And that product hurts like a bitch. Well it’s hard to explain how the product is used. And now there’s a hairless patch on my hand. I just find it weird.  

Let’s move on to the present. Well technically it’s the past since it happened a while ago. Oh whatever! Let’s talk about what happened today. So we ( Kyler, Zhi En, Caven, Asyiqin, Ballery and me) went to study at KTPH. Let me just tell ya’ll this. I sounded like a seal. I couldn’t talk properly. And I’m pretty sure that people did not understand what i said. It was like as though something was stuck in my freaking esophagus. The day was pretty fun. Ball and Ash joined us. Ramon too. Caven had to leave cos he had a study date. :O Oooooooo~~~~~~~!!! Did physics but i think i will fail that. Oh well.. I have been failing physics ever since Mr Tang left my class…. SO SAD!!! We did a whole lot of dance dares. Which was funny. We even did it to random strangers. We were inspired by Andy, i think? One of the staff from the Ellen show and he did a lot of dance dares. It was inspirational. I was all high in the middle of the day cos i ate and I heard a little Gaga! Yes, Gaga makes me high! She gives me strength! I lip-sync to her song cos it would have been a disaster if i sang with my current voice. It will be all squeaky and gone at some part. I can’t control my voice okay! I’m sorry!


Then we went to shilpa’s house. That’s when my energy was all low cos i ran out of energy. And i didn’t hear any Gaga. But shilpa’s sofa is just perfect. I could sleep there, which i actually did. What…. You get tired after partying. So that was lovely. Then we had to go cos Rajitha was coming home soon. I was separated from the sofa….. ;'( So sad… but it’s okay. Overall, it was a good day. 

Lately, I have been watching a whole lot of youtube videos. I mean i have watched a lot of youtube videos before but i’ve been watching a lot more now. It’s like all i do is watch youtube videos. I love it! It bring me joy watching all those videos. If i’m having a bad day, watching those videos cheers me up.

Okay! Have to go now! BYE!!!


Midnight post no. 3

ImageHello fellow readers. Another night/ morning, another post. Really do enjoy wordpressing at this hour. Really calming.. and everyone is busy doing their own stuff. Well at least my house is like that. My sis is at work, my dad probably meeting his friends or watching soccer at the coffee shop and my mom watching her indonesian channel, which is surprisingly showing boxing. And she’s actually engross in watching the match.

so, I’m sick ,yet again. My immune system seems to be not as strong as before. I’m just a mess now. I can’t walk straight cuz my head is spinning and I swear, i feel it throbbing. My throat is being a bitch. I keep coughing and that makes my headache even worse. It’s just horrible. And to add on to that, It’s the exam week. Well that’s fantastic, isn’t it. NOT! I ‘m pretty sure i failed my math and chem cuz i didn’t even study for it cuz i was SICK! okay i didn’t study for chem because i was sick and I just gave up on math. I knew i was gonna fail it too. So it didn’t really matter to me anyway. Whatever!

Okay here’s where it can get a little emo. So you can just not continue reading it or just scroll pass this paragraph. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Way too much. and i shouldn’t be thinking about it. I thought that if i don’t tell anyone about it and kept it to myself, it can go away. But it just seem to get worse and I let it affect me, a lot. I was really hurt and i couldn’t take it much longer. So talked to my AWESOME BESTFRIEND, Iffah. I cried my eyes out on the phone cos i was so damn hurt. I tried sleeping and i tried distracting myself from the problem, but it just didn’t work. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt lost and alone and that’s what i hate the most. I want to be happy and this is not making me happy. And i’ve decided that i’ve had enough. and i can’t tolerate it much longer. It’s not good for me. And for once, i’m have to think about myself and not care about what others think. Iffah truly did cheer me up and she was the one that i could count on to. I’m really thankful for that. I’m better now though. Which is good.

okay! Now that that’s over, Gonna tell you how my day went. Even though i was sick, i had to accompany my sis to town cos she needed to get something. Although i was sick, i have to say, i looked good. I wore a dress cos i wanted to dress up today. had a little make-up on. Felt kinda special. Well i had to wear make-up considering the way i looked. i was really pale and dead- like. I have to say i looked quite good. Ate my fav takoyaki. OH MY GOSH! They sell the best tako balls ever!! LOVE IT!  But sadly, i didn’t take any pics. 😦 But it’s okay.

Need to plan for serious wordpress post. I need to post for shilpa’s and hariz’s birthday. Soon, i will be posting about the exams. hmmm…. what else. Oh! I need to continue the next love post. Oh my gosh! So many to do….. but it’s okay. I have time. Gotta end this long post. BYE!!