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Leaving Drama….. :(

IT’S OVER GUYS!! FINALLY!! The competition is finally over. And to add on to that, I HAVE OFFICIALLY STEP DOWN FROM DRAMA. Kinda sad though. All the good times are spent during drama. From now on, it’s gonna be stressful. Drama is the only thing that actually gives me joy. I see my drama peeps and they give so much love, support and motivation so that i can go forward.

Last Friday marks my last performance. It’s pretty sad thinking about it. I spent 5 years in this CCA and i don’t regret joining it at all. I love it. Just thinking that i won’t be there anymore, performing with them, makes me sort of sad. Maybe that’s why after the performance, i cried. To be PETER, i honestly did not know why i cried so much. Maybe it’s because we went pass the 30 mins mark by 5 mins. or maybe it’s because its my last performance. I honestly don’t know. My emotions were running wild and i have no idea what going on in my head at that moment. Everything was so overwhelming. Thank goodness i was wearing waterproof makeup. If not, my whole face would be ruined and it will just be a mess.

All of them were consoling me. EVEN HALIM! He was so cute! Now that the seniors have left, the juniors are now on their own. Not sure whether they are able to handle everything. So worried for them. The older ones have to take care of the sec 1s and teach them how to be better people. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are lovely people. Very optimistic, hyper, enthusiastic and great people. But to be honest, Some of the sec ones are pretty rude and rather weird. She talk bad about us on facebook, saying drama is a bad cca and the Seniors are horrible people. also, we were all wearing simple clothing, full black and sneakers. one of them came in with her ‘Hari Raya’ shoes and lace shirt which exposes her stomach (which is rather unsightly), and makeup on. I was like ‘what in the blue hell are you wearing?!’ So many questions in my head. They talk back to us. And to be honest, they don’t really respect the seniors. This is why the sec2s and 3s need to teach them to be good respectful people.

So many things to type about…. So many questions that needs to be answered. But lets save it for another day. Maybe tomorrow? I have a lot of things in mind right now. Getting older is not all that good. Tend to think way to much. But it’s part of growing up.


HOLY CRAPZCXSZCSXZS!! Competition coming up soon! GODDAMNIT!! I’m extremely scared. Because I’m busy with a lot of things, i haven’t been completely immersed in my character. Which is not good at all. Thinking about all the people, expecting my performance to be spectacularly and perfect makes me really stress and scared. They depend on me to have a great performance. I have to say I can be better. My performance can be better. Actually, my acting can be better. Need to buck up on not only drama but also my studies. Failed 2 subjects. Well actually, i expected it to be worse. So I’m pretty proud of myself. But i can’t be complacent. Need to do better yo! YOU CAN DO IT AMANI!

And because there are a lot of things going on right now, my skin is getting really bad. I’m breaking out everywhere. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!! I hate having a bad skin day.But it’s okay! It’s only for a while. Think positively! I just need to get next week over and done with. Then i got no time to waste. Must study. NEED TO FOCUS!

ImageNEED TO ACE MT ‘O’ LEVEL EXAM!! I’ve had enough with my malay teacher. She always pisses me off and she gives us piles of homework. LITERALLY PILES! Her one week worth of homework is actually 1 month of homework. Apparently, she thinks we have nothing to do and no life to live. So she decides that giving us so many homework is the right thing to do. OBVIOUSLY THAT’S WRONG! All i want is lesser homework. That’s all.

So overworked. Seriously. Well this is a life of a student. So i shall not complain anymore. Just need to endure it a little longer. It will end really soon.

Things to note to self:

  • finish up as much homework as possible at school.
  • Study as much as possible at school
  • Ask for tutoring from friends when in doubt

Everything also at school. Cos that’s the only place that i can actually study. Need to stop procrastinating! Need to get serious and start studying. OKAYZCXSZC! Gotta go! BYE!Image

A day out with Team Awesome!

So on Friday, the Team Awesome peeps went to Ryana house to hang out and have a bbq. I gotta say, BEST DAY EVER! It was filled wiith laughter, movies and a whole lot of meat. So we watch scary movies and it is just hilarious seeing Matin, Shilpa and Hariz getting scared. Even Caven got scared. While I, at one corner, was not scared of a single thing. I had a poker face on throughout the film. I’m just immune to all the scary shit that we watched that day. Didn’t afftect me at all. But good story. The plot was good. Just not that scary for me. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe it’s because we watched it in the afternoon. I don’t know.

Anways, we watched movies and i almost forgot to mention about Iffah. For once, she came to one of the Team Awesome outings. She’s been missing out in every team Awesome outing but on friday, it must have been a blue moon cos iffah joined us for dinner. i was shocked that she could actually make it! Finally, a proper Team Awesome outing with everyone in the group. No one left behind. We had dinner and there were a lot of meat. Good ones too. We talked so much. Me and Shilpa “debate” about glee Whether rachel and Vin are a good couple. And i disagree to that. Rachel should be with Jesse I mean they are perfect for each other. I guess i’m the only one who is supports them. Then Matin said, “i support Racheal and Ross.” Everyone laughed at that! Made a lot of funny/lame puns.

We were eating Shitake mushrooms and shilpa got really full

Hariz: i guess she can’t ta-ke (take) it anymore!

Kyler: you know mushrooms are fungi (fun guy).

Matin: She can’t take it anymore. i guess she doen’t have mushroom (much room) left!

IT WAS HILARIOUS! and each time they made a pun, Ryana took a while to process each and ever pun. She took like 5 seconds to understand those puns and burst into laughter. HILARIOUS! We were using “to be frank” all the time. So, Smart Shilpa said,

“FINE! To be PETER!”

IT WAS EXTREMELY FUNNY! To be FRANK–> To be Peter. And the names just keep coming out.

To be FRANK–> to be PETER–> to be BOB –> to be ANDERSON

The awkward silence part was funny too. Caven tried to make a joke but instead, we were silent for 5 seconds and then we simultaniously burst into laughter. At the exact timing. How wonderful is that! It was a really great day. Sadly, I had to leave earlier than them. Which means i missed out on some fun. Sucks right! Oh well, there will be other chances. Really like hanging out with them. especially during this time when we are really together having fun. watching movies, eating and play a little frisbee, which we didn’t on friday. Need to play frisbee. It’s a must. We play it so much and so rough that we almost broke the frisbee to half. Need to buy a new one immediately!

Oh well… That’s all for now. BYE!

Crazy Term and Crazy Holiday ahead

ImageThe term has ended and the 1 week holiday is coming up. It’s not even considered as a holiday. It’s more of a SCHOLIDAY. I will be going to school everyday for the holidays. I have extended curriculum and also intensive drama session. This is crazy. I have no rest at all. But I can take it. The time spent in school is mostly for drama, which is fun! So i’m fine with it.

Oh! i almost forgot to tell you that we just had our sports carnival. Actually a week ago. But still, it’s pretty new. And guess what. My class won in soccer and mass-skipping, and we also earned the title of CHAMPION CLASS!! YAY FOR 5B1!! I love my class. They are the best! It’s too bad that the floorballers didn’t win 2nd for the match. We won bronze and we didn’t even get acknowledge for it! 3rd place is good okay! Must acknowledge us leh!! I have to say we were pretty sad about it. we had a match against another 2 class, 5B2 and 4S1. I love the match but i prefer the match against 4S1. They are really good.

The reason why i didn’t entirely liked the match against 5B2 was, the scored was supposed to be tied but the let 5B2 win. Which is kinda insane. The people cheering for them were extremely loud. No offense. I mean they were practically screeching! I must say that i almost went deaf that day. My team couldn’t really concentrate on the game cos of all the screeching. It was really annoying. I mean i like them when they are not screeching.

The 4S1 fight was AMAZING! THEY WERE AWESOME!! I mean they played fair. When the crowd was chanting “5B1 5B1”, I was extremely moved by it. I FELT THE LOVE MAN! At least they weren’t screeching. And i heard people chanting for 4S1 too. It was the best! We were having fun and we were happy. Even though we lost, we lost to a great team and we lost to a good match. We were fine over it. AND I SCORED A GOAL TOO!! YAY!! It was a great match. I really enjoyed it. WELL DONE PEOPLE!! ^^

It was a crazy term. But i have to say, it’s not a good start for the year. A whole lot of bad things happen and it really sucks. But at certain times like this, I treasure it the most. I was really happy. It is these kinds of event which i won’t forget. It was the best sports carnival. Let’s just hope that the upcoming terms will be better. I hope that it will be good and not a lot of problems will happen. Please. i had enough of them.Image



AWESOME CLASSMATES!!!ImageImageImageImageImage


Yay!! Post again another time when I’m free! Probably next week. BYE!!