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DRAMA PEEPS and letting things out.

DRAMA PEEPS and letting things out.

Every single day, i look forward to meeting my drama peeps. I go to school everyday just to meet them. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is the truth.

I look forward to monday cos i can meet them… But now, i don’t even think i can meet them as much as i do last time.. Since it’s the ‘o’ level year, my mom thinks that i have to study 24/7. I can say i don’t have a healthy mind cos i don’t have balance.

I wake up early everyday to study before going to school. I go to school early to finish up my homework. Then i have to usual curricular time which is just horrible. I mean seriously! Sometimes my teacher can be seriously boring! And then they give us a whole lot of homework. I really can’t take the homework. Then after school, i have remedial. Some times even 2 remedials. Ridiculous right! And when i get home, i have to finish my homework. And my mom expects me to study more? Sometimes, i don’t understand her.

And she tells me i go out to much… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Yes i go out a lot… TO FREAKIN’ SCHOOL. And when i want to relax and hang out with my friends on the weekends, she doesn’t allow me. She says that i go out to much.

This is also a reason why i actually look forward to school. At least i can let loose a little. And i feel much happier and even healthier there. I exercise a lot. I love playing frisbee and volleyball. The point is i love playing sports. And i am around my friends who are AWESOME!!

I just feel happier there. I can’t believe i’m saying this but i am actually starting to enjoy school. Weird… I mean i only like the second part of school. Not curricular time.

Thank god tomorrow is monday. In a few more hours Amani…. Just a little bit more.



HEY! Just created a wordpress and I am excited to start this post.

Okay, let me tell you a little bit of myself. I am Syarifah Amani, 17 this year currently taking my ‘O’ levels. I do get emotional at times so i shall apologize in advance if i post sad stuff. I AM IN DRAMA AND I LOVE IT!! LOVE THE PEOPLE IN IT! I JUST LOVE IT!

My friends are amazing people. I enjoy every single moment i spent with them. did i mention my drama peeps are great. They even created Amani and Gang. Don’t worry, it’s not a real gang and we are not violent. It’s just a bunch of crazy and happy people. I really love them. They are sweet people. Whenever I’m sad, they never fail to cheer me up. They would always ask me whether I’m alright, which really warms my heart.

Got side track there but you will have to get use to that. I get side track very easily.

Oh well… That’s all for now. POST AGAIN SOON!

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